Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Is this the end of unwanted texts from PPI firms? Two men face £250,000 fine for sending millions of messages

  • The Information Commission is trying to bring an end to the modern plague of unwanted messages
  • ICO wants victims to contact them so they can fine those responsible for the stream of calls

  • The end of unwanted calls and texts from marketing firms could be in sight after two men responsible for millions of spam texts to mobile phone users were told they face a £250,000 fine.
    The case, the first of its kind, is part of a wider crackdown by watchdogs on marketing texts and recorded message calls sent at random and without permission.
    Tens of thousands of people have complained about being subjected to a constant stream of nuisance texts, often from claims firms promising to pursue personal injury claims or payment protection insurance refunds.

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